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a town about 50 miles north of harrisburg. investigators say prince fired a high-powered rifle at his ex-girlfriend and then took off. court documents she filed a protective order against him last week. >> reporter: he believed that she may have started seeing someone else. and he resides in this apartment complex as well as she resides in this apartment complex. he waited in the garage this morning for her and fired at her. >> reporter: the woman was not hit. the incident led to road closures around the avalon at rock spring apartments and the lockdown of two schools. a woman was found dead. a man was critically injured at an apartment fire in columbia this afternoon. police say their injuries to -- that the man's injuries do not appear to be related to the fire. investigators are not yet releasing the name of the female victim. they do believe the man and woman lived together on majors lane.
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that fire was contained within their unit. an illegal immigrant accused in a drunk driving incident that killed a nun in northern virginia will face felony murder charges. it was against 23-year-old carlos martinelli montano. he crashed into a car with three nuns in it. one died. the others badly injured. the felony murder charge is the most serious ever brought in a drunk driving case in prince william
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that set off a brush fire there. so far no reports of anyone injured. president obama may have to find himself a new chief of staff. that's if rahm emanuel decides to run for chicago mayor. rumor has it he has been pining for the office for months telling people he'd run if mayor richard daly decided not to run for re-election. daly surprised emanuel and others today saying he will not seek a seventh term. emanuel is a resident of chicago's north side. there's a phenomenon in washington tonight. it is called lady gaga. and fans of all ages, genders and costumes descended on the verizon center. john schiffen was down there and
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spoke with some of them tonight. >> reporter: that's right. it was quite a show tonight. i'm not talking about the concert. all night costumes paraded around the center and they went inside to see the show. but tonight lady gaga mania was all about taking over d.c. as lady gaga's monster ball four rolled into town, it brought out all creatures of the night. ♪ i want your ugly ♪ i want your disease ♪ i want your everything as long as it's free ♪ >> reporter: your first time? >> yeah. >> reporter: you're excited? >> i am. >> reporter: what are you expecting? >> everything and more. like this and more. >> reporter: but the tiara and wand were just the beginning. they came dressed up in chains, wigs, anything that looked like their favorite pop star. >> this is a bubble suit. >> one of her costumes. >> i'm a rock star ballerina today. i have my tutu on and my disco shoes. >> she wants all of us to be free and to find ourselves and our individuality in dress the way you talk, walk, whatever.
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and we're all just being liberal. we come here to party. we're all here for the same thing. we're going to have a good time. >> reporter: some seemed to leave part of their costume at home. >> lady gaga likes to walk around in next to nothing. i wanted to channel a little bit of her. >> reporter: your parents know you're dressed like this tonight? >> they do. i put the jacket on for them. >> reporter: many parents we spoke to bringing even the littlest of fans to lady gaga's provocative outfits don't send the wrong message to children. >> she knows, she's 12, she's not allowed to dress like that. ♪ it will be okay ♪ just dance >> reporter: this night was also about the music. and fans looking to hear lady gaga up close paid a hefty price. how much did you pay for your ticket? >> $250. >> reporter: is it going to be worth it? >> yeah, because i'm going to be standing in front. i have general admission. i'll be at the front of the night. ♪ bad romance >> i'll see you all inside! >> reporter: well, the concert is still going on right now. it's expected to wrap up in the
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next 30 minutes. if you missed tonight's show, there's one more tomorrow in the area. tomorrow night in charlottesville, virginia. from the verizon center, june shriffen, back to you. >> all right, john, thank you, i think. >> i don't think they even need a concert. >> their own show. still ahead, the candidates for d.c. mayor talk about security at the polls after some campaign confrontations. a minister in florida continues his plan to burn korans on 9/11 despite concerns leaders of all faiths. a college football player talks about the incredible accident from which he walked away. our weather, doug? >> we saw temperatures in the 90s during the day today, but could that be the last 90-degree day? so far this year? i'll talk about it coming up in my full forecast. lindsay. coming up in sports, venus williams likes to keep american title hope as live at the u.s. open. also, could the nationals finally get a fourth win in a row? redskins' owner dan snider and
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cowboys owner jerry jones talk about their friendship in the midst of the gre chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet?
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a florida preacher's plan to burn the koran on 9/11 is sparking some serious safety concerns. general david petraeus says it will put american lives in danger by inciting violence. demonstrators in kabul are already angrily denouncing the u.s., but pastor terry jones vows not to back down. he says he understands the concerns, but he says it's time to stand up to extremists. >> we believe our president plays it down. we believe that people are afraid of radical islam. they're afraid to confront it. >> these are provocative acts. they are disrespectful. they're intolerant. they're divisive. >> jones has been denied the
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bonfire permit needed to set the fire. tough race for mayor in the district, and it has both candidates now your honoring their suppo urging supporters to cool down. they have clashed at polling sites in recent days. in one incident workers from both sides accusing others of spitting. gray suggested today that more police might be needed at the polling sites. the police are reviewing security with the board of elections. still to come on news 4, new information about concussions that every parent should hear before the kids begin fall sports. a new turn light at one of washington's most congested intersections. and doug's back to tell us about some big temperature chan
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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(voice 2) how bad is it? (voice 1) traffic's off the chart... (voice 2) they're pinging more targets... (voice 3) isolate... prevent damage... (voice 2) got 'em. (voice 3) great exercise guys. let's run it again. children across the area are back in school now. and to many that means the start of fall sports like football and soccer. in tonight's news for your
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health, new studies are raising concerns that too many children are suffering from concussions on the field and aren't getting the medical help they need. >> i was going for a ground ball. and so was another girl on the other team. and i picked up the ground ball, but she tripped. and her head hit my head. >> reporter: 18-year-old chloe jeng was playing lacrosse last spring when she collided with another player, hitting the back of her head. instead of being taken out of the game, she continued to play. >> because i didn't really think it could be serious. i had the ball. so i just wanted to keep playing. >> reporter: but as she ran around the field that day, she says everything seemed to be in slow motion. she felt even worse later that night. >> i got home and i had a really, really bad headache. and i was still really dizzy. >> she was having difficulty in school. and this is a student at a very good school who is a very good student, getting "as and" and "bs.
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>> reporter: chloe eventually saw a doctor at the national rehabilitation hospital where she wassing didded with a mild traumatic brain injury more commonly known as a concussion. he says it's an injury he commonly sees among young athletes, many not knowing any idea the hit they took could impair their brain. >> by the time they come to me with a more severe concussion when we talk through it, they do recognize they've probably already had a few in the past. >> reporter: that's because mild concussions often have subtle symptoms like headaches, diz dizziness and problems with thinking and memory. those can go unnoticed. so the concussion goes undiagnosed and athletes return to play. the doctor says that can lead to a dangerous situation. if you have a second concussion before you completely healed from the first concussion, there's risk of much more severe injury. and in some cases, although rare, death. >> reporter: concerns over concussions are fueling new
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initiatives to get injuries diagnosed more quickly especially among teens who don't always want to admit they're hurt. some states including virginia have recently enacted legislation that requires high school athletes to take baseline cognitive tests at the beginning of the sports season. that way if they get a head injury on the field, a second test can be given to quickly compare results. chloe jeng says she continues to have headaches for weeks after her injury. had she finally went back out on the field nearly four months later, she says she could still feel the effects. >> when i came back, i was definitely a lot slower and less coordinated. i used to worry a little about being reinjured. but after a while it kind of went away. >> the number one treatment for concussion usually involves rest and a lot of it. even going back to school too quickly can cause a delay in healing. concussion symptoms should be taken very seriously. >> can't overlook it. >> no, you can't. doug's here with our weather
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forecast. a nice way to start the fall season today. >> what did you think of my tease earlier, could be the last time we hit 90 this year? what do you think? i was looking at some of the long-term numbers. and i think for at least the next week to two weeks, we're not going anywhere near that 90-degree number, but we were definitely there today. 94, the high temperature today. look outside right now. capitol building, beautiful night right now. winds a little bit out of the west at about 10 to 15, even 20. so we are seeing a little wind. actually out of the southwest ahead of a frontal boundary. that cold front is going to change things up for us during the next couple days. so 94 degrees. that was the high temperature today. one more day above 90. the low this morning, 69. average high is 82 degrees. still another hot one. but again, still not too hot as the humidity has not been there over the last few days. tomorrow, a much different day because of a frontal boundary. 77 now in frederick. 79 in sterling. manassas around 75 and 81 towards quantico.
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what do we see? clear skies continue. here's the front. it's a cold front. you can see showers and thunderstorms associated with that front. that will continue to make its way down towards our area. moving this very warm air out and behind it, cooler air. so this frontal boundary will be right around the area, right around 7:00, 8:00 tomorrow morning. what does that mean? if you're headed out to the school bus, mostly cloudy. 65 to 72 degrees. maybe a slight chance of a shower. most of us, though, will stay on the dry side. as the front continues on through, we're staying on the cooler side. again, temperatures will be falling into the upper 70s over the next couple days. as high pressure will start to move on in. now, tropical depression still a tropical depression. it's bringing a ton of rain into parts of texas. some areas picking up five to six inches of rain. flood watches up across much of the state of texas. and you know how big that state is. now, for the morning, mostly cloudy. a few passing showers mainly before noon. 65 to 72. tomorrow, another nice day. temperatures on the warm side.
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not too warm. 85 to 89. a little on the breezy side after that front moves through. and again, a passing shower early tomorrow morning. that's about it. then clearing skies and speaking of clearing skies, thursday and friday look absolutely spectacular. 78 on thursday. 78 on friday. 80 on saturday. here's the extended forecast. next best chance of rain coming up on sunday. i think we will see a good chance of rain on sunday. and then drying out on monday and tuesday. >> september one of the best months of the year. >> isn't it, though? >> yeah. >> i want to get my golf clubs out. >> i feel something coming on. thursday and friday. i've got another day to work on it. >> i know a doctor. >> i don't need a doctor. still ahead, we'll hear from the moped driver who survived a head-on accident. he wasn't wearing a helmet either. in sports, nats, do you know they have never had a four-game winning streak? they're trying tonight.
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lady at the cleaners is a huge dallas fan. i told her she's going to cry monday morning. >> you feel confident about this new regime. >> i'm feeling good. >> i think you should. from what i've seen in the locker room and heard from the coaches, this is a team to be feared. the redskins open the regular season sunday night against their biggest rival, the dallas cowboys. if you think you're going to be anxious or the woman at the cleaners, think about the team owner. dan snider and cowboys' owner jerry jones could not be more opposite in personality. but they have a deep respect for one another. jones had been an owner ten years when dan snider bought the redskins. and he gave him valuable advice.
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the two have been very close ever since except a couple times a year when their teams meet on the football field. i talked with the duo about their friendship. >> in the off-season, we vacation with family together and spend a lot of time. and during the season we don't talk much other than before pregame a little bit. see each other. a little speech for both of us. >> he's the worst owner in the nfl. before the game. he literally gives you zero emotion before the game. >> reporter: how do you mean? walk me through it. >> we're just both quiet. it's stressful. >> the emotion that you have before a game is unlike anything i ever expected before i got in the nfl. you just feel there is so much at stake. you know so many people are depending on you. and it's such a crushing thing to lose the game. and you exaggerate the idea of the game. you know those players are busting their tails out there. and you know the coaches have
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done everything they can do. but you just feel like your whole thing is resting on the outcome of the game when you play the redskins. >> jerry jones will travel up here to fedex field where his cowboys will take on the redskins sunday night. the nationals were trying to do something that they haven't done all season, win a fourth game in a row. well, tonight was the matchup of rookie pitchers, really. but nationals rookie mayo was outpitched by mets rookie dylan ghee who took a no-hitter into the sixth. the nationals who had been on a scoring streak in the last 11 games couldn't find the offense. they fall 4-1. nationals park. this little guy wanted to see the nats win their fourth in a row. what happened is the question. top of the first. maya making his first major league start. this isn't how you want it to go. two on. ike davis crushes the offering to the second deck in right center field. maya gives up his first big-league homer. a three-run homer. mets, 3-0 at that point. the mets' starter, dylan ghee,
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also making his debut, strikes out adam dunn to end the fourth. he had a no-ritter going. now we go to the bottom of the sixth. willie harris wants to make something happen. ghee's no-hitter still intact. not anymore. a blast out to heft. harris's second pinch-hit homer this season. natiols down 4-1. bottom nine, here we go, pudge rodriguez at the plate. he's got two on, represents the tying run but he grounds into a doibl play. they lose, 4-1. they snap a three-game winning streak for the seventh time this season. to tennis. venus williams wants to add to her collection of seven grand-slam titles. she needs just one more win to reach the u.s. open final for the first time since 2002. today, venus seeded ninth overcame adversity to beat the reigning french open champion. we're at flushing meadows.
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venus, look at that outfit. the only american left at the u.s. open. williams returning serve in the far coat. gabioni comes in. venus tries to pass. she's there. venus emphasizes down the line. she won the first set in a tiebreaker. her mother likes the result. second set, venus serving in the near court. venus's backhand into the corner, pulls her off the court. comes to the net to volley. her drop shot good enough. she won the second set, 6-4. they'll say on defending champion kim clijsters in the semifinal. >> got some sparkle going. >> yeah, i like that sparkle. exactly. and surprising. still to come, the most famous shelter dog in the
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big change in a busy intersection in georgetown. drivers heading toward the city on "m" street that's going east are now allowed to make a left turn onto northbound wisconsin. nine parking spaces on "m" street were eliminated. traffic officials hope it will help ease congestion. a pickup truck rammed into his moped sending him flying through the air last week. the crash was caught on an iowa city police officer's dashboard camera. amazingly, josh koppel had only a few scratches and bruises despite not wearing a helmet.
11:31 pm
koppel told the "today" show he can't believe he walked away. >> i saw the truck last minute. and i couldn't even hit the brakes. yeah, it felt like i was flying through the air. the next thing i knew, i rolled over. i saw my phone and grabbed it and stood up. my first reaction was just to get to the sidewalk. >> after he went for his phone, he says he was shocked when he saw the video at the police station the next day. >> that's one of those guys if you see him in a bar and he's mad, you leave. >> yeah. >> we'll ♪
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hey, remember that story we brought you about d.c. police chief and a special needs dog at the washington animal rescue league? the chief had a soft spot for watson the dog but couldn't adopt it because she already had several adopted dogs at home? well, now the 8-year-old border collie has a home. good news.

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